MTG Emails


ok, so what will MTG be sending you...

every week MTG will send you the latest hot topics from our blogs in our #inspo, #real talk, and other catagories.

to compliment these blogs, MTG will send you our favorite uplifting quotes - which you should so steal for yourself - from our socials and our Me Too book. 

...but, that's not all!

your inbox will also be blessed with surprise interviews of badass girls/women who are doing big things in this world.

plus, we will send countless opportunities for YOU to share your story and powerful voice with the world!

in other words...

MTG is about to explode your inbox with some awesomeness like never before!

I mean, when was the last time you received an email with the sole purpose to empower you?

idk about you, but it's been a while, so MTG is here to change that!