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...yes, it's true we have a book on its way!



but like, what's all the hype about? 

we're happy you asked! our Me Too book is on it's way and we are SOOOO excited about it!

it's written by Jolie Brownell (aka - MTG's FOUNDER + CEO) and it's pretty much a collection of reasons why she (plus us) believes you are so freaking badass, incredible, gorgeous, powerful, good enough - and yeah, the list does go on and on.

it's the book every woman wished she had growing up; filled with 150+ uplifting messages, quotes, and poems on body acceptance, confidence, goal setting, and healthy relationships. so yeah, you should treat yo' self and make sure to get yourself a copy :)

follow our MTG socials to be the first to know when she's out! - you'll definitely want a copy, believe us  ;)