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me too

just a collection of reasons why you are sooo freakin' powerful, beautiful, BADASS, important, unique, magnificent, rare & MAGICAL

....just for starters ;)

need more reasons to love yourself? believe in yourself? trust yourself? me too's got you covered!





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meet the author

her name is Jolie Brownell,

she is 17 years old,

the creator of Me Too Girl

...and if we might add, a total BADASS! 


what do other people have to say? 




"CAUTION TO READERS: you're likely to want to take on the world after reading.”

- Emma McILROY, Founder + CEO of WildFang



‘Me Too’ is a perfect platform for creating connection through inspired self love."

- Alexis Jones, Founder + CEO of I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer