line drawing of jolie brownell done by cindy nelson

line drawing of jolie brownell done by cindy nelson


jolie brownell


i am the creator of Me Too Girl, the voice behind most of MTG's blogs and the author of our 'Me Too' book.


for a quick bio, i am a 17 yr old high school graduate from Sunset high school in PDX, OR. i am adopted from Haiti. am the 2nd oldest of 6 children. and for a random fact, i've had the privileged of living in Spain for 2 years from 07 to 09. 


i fell in love w/ writing at 14 yrs old and have been writing non stop ever since. i started out writing as a guest on, and then became a writer for the I AM THAT GIRL (IATG) organization. now i have written my first book called 'Me Too' and currently write blogs for MTG and anyone who requests content on topics that matter. 

why start MTG?

i created MTG because i needed it - yes that sounds selfish- but i needed an outlet where I could talk and ask questions about things that matter and not just makeup tutorials, outfit do's and don'ts, and superficial relationship advice.

i am tired of being bombarded w/ messages that tell me that all a teen girl can do is worry about what her body looks like, who likes or doesn't like her, and what the latest trends are.

i am more than my body, i am more than their opinions of me, i am more than a trend.

i am me.

so i've created a space where i can be me and where other girls can be themselves. where we can start having heart felt conversations about changing the norm and creating a new normal where girls are encouraged to go after their dreams, and use the power they possess to make this world a better place.

future vision for MTG?

i have many plans for MTG - some already in the making - but ultimately, my vision for MTG is to continue to grow as a community of girls who are brave enough to demand more out of their lives than what society says is possible. 

advice for every girl:

sometimes it's best to just take your own advice.