A Poem on Self-Love - Yellow Co. Feature

A Poem on Self-Love - Yellow Co. Feature

the words you

feed your body

the world

will not tell you

“you are beautiful”

as they can not

profit off these


they will instead

feed you words full of

“not good enough”

and supply you with a solution

as dessert.

so you end up full,

and yet still starving.

still craving.

still questioning

your worth.

and so you buy

their words,

again and again.

you keep coming back.

keep trading in your wealth

for worth.

until when?

until you are broke.

until you have broken.

until you have too

many solutions,

and still not one

can solve the one


the root:

their lie.


they told you

these things,

not to satisfy you,

or give you peace.

but to fill their own

bottomless pockets.

you are their income,

you are their success,

but only if you are first,

a failure to yourself.

you see,

they cannot

afford for you to

be confident,

to feel beautiful,

to be good enough

for yourself.

for how can they

profit off someone

who believes

they are everything

they are searching for?

they cannot.

so know this.

understand their logic,

their rooted message.

they are hidden in

plain sight,

targeted towards

young women

and girls like us.

find your cravings.

find where you still

believe the “not good enough’s”

and fill them.

not with their words,

but with your own

sweet words of love.

in the beginning

you will not

be accustomed to

this appetite,

but keep nourishing


your body.

soon she will be full,

fully satisfied.

fully confident,

and no longer

in search for solutions

wrapped in empty words.



A good guy with a gun

A good guy with a gun

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each other