so i don't "hate" myself, but i wouldn't say i "love" myself either.

so i don't "hate" myself, but i wouldn't say i "love" myself either.

would you say you’re in a

“well, i don't hate myself,

but i don't love myself either."

- kind-of-place.


if you are,

let's talk about this weird

middle spot for a bit,

shall we?.


so here you are now,

maybe you've been able to stop

calling yourself "fat" or "ugly,"

but still feel awkward calling

yourself "beautiful."


maybe you've been able to accept

that you are human and are allowed

to be imperfect, but are still having

a hard time looking past your imperfections." what do you do now?


to be honest, this is a hard question to answer.

because a part of me just wants to say,

well keep working on learning to actually "love"

those parts of you. but that can be hard to do.


in my journey of self-love,

learning to stop "hating" myself was the easy part.

...but learning how to actually turn around

and start "loving" myself,

was a lot harder.


how do you learn to embrace yourself?

admire yourself?

fall in love with yourself?


.....i almost look at this like a romantic relationship.

it's awkward as hell in the beginning,

but after a few blushes,

some very limited conversations,

and some even more awkward hugs,

it starts to feel a little a little more relaxed,

and over time you both get used to

each other and have no problem

saying the words "i love you."


here you are with yourself at

the beginning of your "love" relationship,

and it's super awkward, no?


whenever you look in the mirror,

it's this super awkward interaction of

"ugh, i am human, i have's okay

...(but at the same time) i really really

wish you weren't there."

or "so i don't hate you body,

but this dress would look so

much better if you lost just a few..."


does this sound about right?


okay. so what do you do?


you keep having these awkward interactions.

you keep staring at yourself,

without looking the other way.

you keep talking positively to yourself,

even if only a few words come out at a time.

you keep giving yourself hugs. why?

because you should be giving yourselves hugs.


...and hopefully, eventually you

will start to feel less awkward "loving" yourself.

and in time you might just become

best friends with never know :)


so my answer is to keep living out

this awkward period.



j from mtg


Image by: Anna Sudit



no one can make you feel beautiful

no one can make you feel beautiful