no one can make you feel beautiful

no one can make you feel beautiful

someone calling you beautiful

won't make you feel beautiful.


you think it will,

you hope it will.


so you secretly wait all day to hear

those three words "you are beautiful"


you prepped all morning to be worthy of those words,

you even skipped breakfast just to guaranty

they will call you beautiful.


but then someone does,

and you awkwardly smile and

you give credit to your clothes

because no way your looks could

receive such a high praise.


yet this is exactly how i know

you do not truly feel beautiful.


because in the back of your head,

you're already comparing the numbers,

she received three "you are beautiful”'s

and this is only your first one.


so what is one "you are beautiful"?

you know what it is,

it is not enough.


so you take a selfie,

actually you take 15,

then you delete most of them,

photoshop 3 of them,

and send two of them to your bff

to see what one makes it to your

Instagram feed.


so now you post,

staring at the "posted 10 seconds ago"

and praying that they'll be double taps

when you slide up and refresh.


and to your surprise, there are.

there are quite a few actually.


they roll in

and your smile widens a little bit,

but even now,

i know you still do not feel beautiful.


because you keep scrolling down your feed,

and there lies another girl,

a celebrity,

with thousands of hearts,

and this time it doesn't take much to compare the numbers,

you have 120 likes,

she has - well, a lot more than that.


so you are back to square one.


you got a "you are beautiful,"

you received 120 likes,

but somehow those weren’t enough to

convince you that you are beautiful.


that is how i know i can not make

you feel beautiful.

because i was the one who told you

"you were beautiful"

and i was the first to double tap your photo.

...because in my mind,

you are the definition of beautiful.





Image by: Unknown

so i don't "hate" myself, but i wouldn't say i "love" myself either.

so i don't "hate" myself, but i wouldn't say i "love" myself either. just can't be that simple just can't be that simple