"i can't achieve my dreams until i’m beautiful first"

"i can't achieve my dreams until i’m beautiful first"

whenever i dream of accomplishing something,

i don't see myself doing it,

but the version of me

i want to be.


i see a thinner me,

a more fit me,

an actual beautiful image of me.


so when i snap back into reality,

i am only more discouraged

because i'll never look like that,

so therefore,

i will never be able to accomplish such a thing.

because first i must look like that

in order to be able to accomplish anything.




...is it just me or is this honestly one of the

biggest yet most silent excuses we make as to why

we shouldn't go after something?


i'm always telling myself things like,

"before i can do that,

i have to look like this"


like the prerequisite to following

your dreams is being beautiful or “perfect”  first.




now, yes, there are steps you should take

before going after a dream,

but being beautiful enough or

skinny enough,

or whatever-relating-to-your-appearance enough

is not one --- okay.


so when you daydream about

making your dreams come true,

see yourself -as you are -

accomplishing them,

not anyone else,

because you are good enough now

to go after AND accomplish your dreams.


p.s. even to my lovely girls who have goals

to strengthen their bodies or

make better lifestyle choices,

this applies to you too,

do not let your current state

dishearten you from achieving

your dream state.


your success is not measured

by how “perfect” you start out,

it is measured by how dedicated

& strong you end up!





Gif by: Julie Winegard

for me.

for me.