oh look at her glow up

she looked nothing like that in middle school

now, she's a definite 10

i can't wait till i glow up



glow up little girl,

like you're not allowed to grow up,

or to let your body mold and

change into a grown up.


all we want to see is the #glownup version of you,

not the you before stepping into your hormonal changes,  

or the you with no womanness features.


we want to see your glow up

no acne marks,

no straight figures.


so grow up,

woman-up already.



growing up and watching your body change

can look and feel really awkward,

but don’t rush to hate yourself or this process,

let your body mold,

let it change,

let it grow up.

you may grow out of your acne,

you may not.

you may grow fuller breasts,

you may not.

you may curve out,

but again, you may not.

either way,

we are not born out of

the womb all #glownup,

so if you feel under pressure to

fit the #glowup standards,

or believe you’ll be beautiful

only after you’ve #glownup,

listen love,

you are beautiful now.


a bud isn’t the ugly phase of a flower growing,

it’s beauty only blooming into more beauty.

you are a bud waiting to bloom,

you are beauty that will bloom into more beauty.





Gif by: Jolie Brownell

she is you and she is me

she is you and she is me

“be yourself” ...but idk who i am?

“be yourself” ...but idk who i am?