“be yourself” ...but idk who i am?

“be yourself” ...but idk who i am?

girls who have been fortunate enough to

be immersed in the world of girl empowerment

have probably heard the phrase “be yourself”

- i’ve even said it myself.


but lately i’ve been thinking about the phrase

“be yourself” and how confusing it might

be to some girls.


just think, we say this phrase because we want girls

to stop trying to be someone else or putting on a mask to

be accepted by others.

which is fine, the intention is all well and pure.


but, what about the girls who may have never got

the chance to figure out who they are?

or who have forgotten who they are?

what about those girls who have only

known the girl they’ve pretended to be?


if you feel like this is where you fit, 

first off, sorry to have confused you and

please know that you are not alone.

we all go through the “who am i” period,

and if we were all to be honest,

i don’t think we ever fully answer this question

for ourselves. 


…anyway, now you are in this weird stage of

not wanting to pretend to be someone,

but at the same time not really knowing who to be.



so what do you do?


well, instead of telling you to “be yourself,”

i would say “be who you want to be for you.


yes, this may be a weird spot to be in,

but this stage is a perfect opportunity to recreate yourself.

redefine yourself or maybe even define yourself for the first time.

who do you want to be?

not for him,

not for her,

but for you.


who do you need yourself to be?

do you need a new best friend?

do you need someone to believe in you?

then be that person.


be there for yourself, it will help you be there for others.

love yourself, because it will help you love others.

believe in yourself, it will help you believe in others.


so go ahead and answer this for yourself:

“who do i want to be for me?”




Image by: Mallory Heyer



how do i empower you?

how do i empower you?