she is you and she is me

she is you and she is me

every day you step on me,

pleading over again and again that I decrease.

you’ve become so addicted to this routine,

that I have become the only thing you can see.


but hear me love, hear me please.

yes, i ‘ve heard what they’ve said but believe me,

i am not the only thing you were meant to be.


now, distance yourself away from me,

so you can finally be set free.

i am only a number behind a glass screen,

looking up at you as you dry your continuous tears.


so instead of looking down at me,

look deeply into the mirror and see,

the amazing beauty reflecting back at thee.

she is powerful and worthy.

she is you and she is me.


-love, the number on your scale.




Image by: Jolie Brownell

i said no

i said no