i said no

i said no

despite what you may have heard,

it’s actually okay for you to say ‘no’.

it’s okay to not want something,

it’s okay to stand your ground,

it’s okay.


whether it’s a party,

whether it’s an opportunity,

or even something like sex,

if you don’t want it,

say ‘no’.


yes, saying ‘no’ may mean you lose friends,

saying no may mean you get laughed at,

and it may even mean you lose him,

but every time you say ‘no’ to them,

you are saying yes to yourself:


‘yes’ to your boundaries,

‘yes’ to your priorities,

‘yes’ to yourself,

and that is what is most important.


because those who respect your boundaries,

understand your priorities,

and want the best for you,

will not question your ‘no’,

or make you feel ashamed for saying ‘no’.


so own your ‘no’,

say it with confidence,

and if anyone questions you,

know that you do not owe them an explanation

for staying true to who you are,

and saying yes to yourself.


Image by: Anna Sudit

realistic expectations

realistic expectations

she is you and she is me

she is you and she is me