before you snap, click & post

before you snap, click & post

when you come across

the most beautiful rose, 

may you first take the deepest

breath of her sent

before snapshotting it. 


when you put on the cutest outfit, 

may you first twirl & dance in it like a queen, 

before posting it on instagram


when you embark on the greatest adventure, 

may you live every moment of it, 

breathe in every second, 

before trying to capture it all

through your screen. 


and when you go watch to see your

low key FAVORITE artist, 

may you dance to every beat,

and let your body feel every sound,

before waving your phone over the crowd, 

just to have something to post later on. 


because no camera will ever be able to

capture that beautiful smell

or that feeling of utter confidence. 

no snapchat story could ever retell

all the micro-moments of that adventure, 

or recall that feeling of being so alive.  


so live it.

like actually live life. 


because what a shame it would be

for your camera's storage to be more

full than your heart's memories. 





Image by: Mallory Heyer

body, do not beg for love.

body, do not beg for love.

to call myself home

to call myself home