you're too powerful to let fear stop you

you're too powerful to let fear stop you

they say that the fear of failing,

is one of the biggest fears out there,

but i believe that we are more afraid

of succeeding than we are of failing. 


because when we succeed...we can't go back,

...and we're so used to being afraid,

and standing safe behind our insecurities or excuses

-our "comfort zone"


...but once you succeed,

you have no more excuses to stand behind, 

because well,

you just proved them all wrong.


you are out there

you are exposed.

...and you must keep going.


but you shouldn't let that terrify you.

because there is so much to dive into.

so much for yourself, you have yet to discover.


so stop thinking small,

achieving small,

and staying in the safe zone.


you are too powerful to let fear stop you, 

and you have too much potential to think small.


and the last thing i want,

is for you to believe that you must

wait until you graduate

or think that you have to get your dream job

in order to be powerful.

...because that is NOT true. 


there is only one prerequisite to being powerful

and it’s choosing to be.


so choose to be.

choose to believe you are good enough.

then go for it  



..and if you have no idea what your dreams are,

or what you want to dive into, 

start by dipping your toes into new waters.

try a ton of different things, 

and then dive in. 


...just promise me,

actually, no - promise yourself

that today is the day you will fully step

into the power you possess.


today is the day,

you allow yourself to be

good enough for yourself.


that today is the day you

start dreaming and achieving BIG!.


...because there is absolutely no point in dreaming

if you are only to dream small.


***clip-its taken from Jolie's

key-note speech for ChickTech






Image by: Isabel Castillo Guijarro

self-care is selfish - it should be

self-care is selfish - it should be

“love yourself” ...but idk how?

“love yourself” ...but idk how?