“love yourself” ...but idk how?

“love yourself” ...but idk how?

self-love is hard to describe,

as it can look like many things,

but if you’re having trouble picturing

what “loving yourself” may look like,

maybe try thinking about it this way:


how would you treat your best friend

in the following scenarios?


how would you talk to her if

she made an honest mistake?

would you scold her -

tell her she’s a failure?


what if she outgrew her

favorite pair of jeans?

would you yell at her?

call her ‘fat’?

wonder why she even exists?


what if she came over to your house

and accidently overate?

would you force her to throw it up?

make her cry and feel ashamed

for loving food?


would you?


...i hope not.


if not, then do not treat yourself that way.


do not yell at yourself for being human.

do not shame yourself for being a growing human.

do not put yourself down for being

a food-loving human.


allow. yourself. to. be. human.


...treat yourself the way you would treat someone

you care about and want the best for.


p.s. learning to love yourself will take time,

as it will be hard to learn how to love someone

you’ve always been taught to hate.

...so give yourself that time and space to

learn how to truly love yourself.

you are worth it.





Image by: Louisa Cannell

you're too powerful to let fear stop you

you're too powerful to let fear stop you

don't touch my hair

don't touch my hair