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Me Too Girl (MTG) brings you weekly blogs on topics that actually matter. you won't find beauty tips, or date night outfit suggestions here - nope, 'cause those things are fun and all - but we want to get real, go deeper, and stay there.

so if you're a girl itching for something deeper - something more - you've come to the right place!

we've got a lot of awesomeness to catch you up on, so click any blog below and be amazed!

...okay, so what's that Me Too book all about? 

we're happy you asked! our Me Too book is written by Jolie Brownell (aka - MTG's FOUNDER + CEO) and it's pretty much a collection of reasons why she (plus us) believes you are so freaking badass, incredible, gorgeous, powerful, good enough - and yeah, the list does go on and on.

it's the book every woman wished she had growing up; filled w/ 150+ uplifting messages, quotes, and poems on body acceptance, confidence, goal setting, and healthy relationships. so yeah, you should treat yo' self and make sure to get yourself a copy :)

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why do we want to empower you?

because secretly we want to be one of the reasons why you own your badassery and run this world! 


why do we write? 

we know you get fed thousands of mean messages a day, so we want to replace them w/ badass-inspiring & power-fueling ones. 


what do we write about? 

we write everything girl-empowerment, but more specifically we dive deep into the world of being a teen/young adult girl - we don't do the surface-level inspo here, nope, we get real, we ask the hard questions, and try our best to answer them. 

*just check out some our blogs, you'll know what we mean. 


what's our fav #hottopic? 

our readers - aka YOU - you are our pride & joy! we've made you family (hope you're okay w/ that) and love showcasing how freakin' amazing you are. 

so honestly, girl - pls tell us what you're up to - what family/community/world-changing things you are doing. you are our success, so yeah, you're def our fav!


our MTG motto:

never be afraid to say "me too" - magic happens when you do. 


our ultimate goal here at MTG is that you are empowered by our blogs, encouraged to actually believe in yourself, achieve your craziest dreams -and then share them w/ us of course :)


we hope you enjoy scrolling around here,