-\jolie Brownell

hi, i am the creator of Me Too Girl, the voice behind all of MTG's blogs and the author of our 'Me Too' book.


for a quick bio, i am a 19 year old freshman at Loyola Marymount University in CA. i am adopted from Haiti. am the 2nd oldest of 6 children. and for a random fact, i've had the privileged of living in Spain for 2 years from 07 to 09. 


i fell in love w/ writing at 14 yrs old and have been writing non stop ever since. i started out writing as a guest on allwomenstalk.com, and then became a writer for the I AM THAT GIRL (IATG) organization. now i have written my first book called 'Me Too' and currently write blogs for MTG and anyone who requests content on topics that matter. 

why start MTG?

i created MTG because i needed it - i needed to give myself a platform to speak my truth and inspire others.

in a world that creates an unrealistic standard on what you can say, think, feel, and be...

i choose to disrupt it and give myself permission to own who i am.


my body is not your canvas.

my voice is not your property.

my story is not your profit. 



this space is my space

to share my quotes, poetry, and art on loving your whole being, celebrating others, and beautifying this world

- one message at a time. 



advice for every girl:

sometimes it's best to just take your own advice.


-\Me Too Book

Me Too book is written by Jolie Brownell and a collection of reasons why she believes you are so freaking badass, incredible, gorgeous, powerful, good enough - and yeah, the list does go on and on.

it's the book every woman wished she had growing up; filled w/ 150+ uplifting messages, quotes, and poems on body acceptance, confidence, goal setting, and healthy relationships. so yeah, you should treat yo' self and make sure to get yourself a copy :)

our ultimate goal here at MTG is that you are empowered by our blogs and art. 


we hope you enjoy scrolling around here,